Dec 10, 2010


I just finished my last official college class.

Wait, what?
Holy cow- where did the last 4.5 years go?

In 8 days I will walk across a stage and venture into the "real world."
And by "real world," I mean parents house. 

While it was not my original plan, moving home seems to be the right thing to do for now.
I can substitute teach,
love on/spoil Sawyer before I leave him for a non-dog-friendly apartment,
work on wedding stuff,
and enjoy my parents love (free food, money, rent) for a little while longer. 

And then in 6 short months, I'll be...
Mrs. Giddens. 

That's going to take some getting used to.


Lauren Elise said...

1st- love your blog design...adorable!

also, i feel like we are in the same boat, except i'm just a little bit behind you.. i graduate in may and get married in october! hopefully i can gain wisdom from you!

Shelley said...