Dec 12, 2010

The boy and the ginger

I love this picture. 
A friend of mine snapped it when neither one of us were paying attention.
There's nothing really special about it. 
We were just being us.
And I love that. 

Also- this is NOT a kissy picture. 
While we're not above an occasional smooch in public,
I had just applied bright red lipstick on and Tim just wouldn't let me. 

Here's another, just because I think it's funny. 
Mom hates that we don't have any "serious" photos. 
We're just goofy...again, I love that. 
We'll take plenty of "serious" ones over the next six months. 

A prom pose with my favorite ginger. 
I am so glad we rode to my last Delta Gamma Rho function together. 
I will miss her dearly next semester.
Good thing she's in the wedding. :) 

Well, it's time to study for my last college finals!

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