Nov 9, 2010

Wedding plans and onsies

I almost bought a onesie this weekend.
No- I'm not pregnant.
However, it was precious.
Imagine, if you will,
a hand stitched, argyle fabric elephant on a plain white onesie.
be still, my heart.
Tim stopped me.
Probably for the best.
Considering that the list of things to be done for the wedding seems to be growing daily,
I should probably keep my focus there instead of on onesies and burp rags.

The wedding is 7 months and 2 days away.
I have time.
PLENTY of time.
But I am starting to stress a tiny bit.

There really is no reason to stress right now.
Well, that's a lie.
School is a more than valid reason to stress.
(39 days til graduation;
1,000,001 assignments to finish in those 39 days)
I digress...

Anyways- the wedding planning is in a good place.
I simply need to stop comparing my
wedding planning
lack of guest list
non-existent engagement pictures
and fiance
to other people's 
wedding plans
GINORMOUS guest lists
precious engagement pictures
and fiances.

Happy Tuesday!


Laura McDaniel said...

I didn't start planning until like January. We didn't take engagement pics till like April. Believe me, you have plenty of time! If you ever need any advice or have questions let me know!

MaKenna said...

Your wedding will be perfect. Do NOT compare yours to anyone. Make yours you. Have fun, and do what you want. It is YOUR wedding. I can't wait to see pictures of your wedding, it will be fabulous, because you are. I didn't get engagement pictures till a month before, uhh probably less than a month. Do things on your time. Have so much fun and just be yourself and do what you want!

Amber said...

Your wedding is going to be AMAZING!! It is going to be so you and Tim, which is absolutely what it should be. I can't wait for it and to see you as a BEAUTIFUL bride! That is all that matters!

Kaylee said...

It looks like everyone else beat me to the encouraging comment BUT to second what they said: you are going to get everything done. you will have a fabulous wedding because it is YOURS.

let me know if you ever need any help! love you!

p.s. can't wait until you are in Oklahoma!

Kelsey Dawn said...

Oh gosh.. I almost buy onesies all the time.. but no, I don't let myself do it either :)

Your wedding will be SO great!
Don't stress.. everything will fall into place :)