Oct 31, 2010


Though fiance looks kinda goofy, I love this picture.
It's been a while, blog friends.
Life has been, well, life.
And I'm learning to be okay with that.
Wedding planning has kind of been stagnant lately.
Tim designed our Save the Dates a few weeks ago.
Hopefully, we'll get those out by the beginning of 2011.
Speaking of 2011- it is coming so fast.
Graduation is a little over a month away and to be honest,
I'm not ready.
Not because I desperately want to stay at Harding,
but because there is so much to get done between now and December 18.
For instance, I should be working on a paper right now.
Happy November, loves. 

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Lauren Elise said...

Adorable picture!! I'm so glad we got to hang out so much this week! I had forgotten just how awesome you really are!! :)