Oct 4, 2010

On love, in sadness...

Right now,
in this moment,
I could care less
guest lists,
save the dates,
wedding payments I can't really afford,
bridesmaids dresses,
and things of that nature.

I just want to be married. 
Heck- I'd just like to be in the same state.
But more than anything, 
I want to be done with a relationship dependent on my cell phone.

Long distance is poop. Especially when you're engaged. 

I know, I know- it'll be worth it. But right now, the only thing keeping me warm is a cup of coffee. 
It's a bit disheartening. 
I'm hoping (praying) that this funk is simply Monday rearing it's ugly head.

Here's to a brighter Tuesday. 


carly anne said...

i adore you, sweet sweet sister. it will all be worth it.

oh, and i've solved the bridesmaids problem: we should just all be naked.


:) i love you.

carly anne said...
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Shelley said...

It is all just right around the corner and you will make it. I know how hard it can be. Keep your chin up!