Oct 3, 2010

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned over the past week:

-Even though my oven is precious and avocado green, it DOES not cook well. My attempt to be domestic and make homemade cookies was shot down when I took out what looked like amazing cookies only to find BLACK, burnt bottoms.

-I am HORRIBLE at statistics. Part of me wanted to blanket this statement and claim to be bad at math altogether, but I've decided to give myself some credit. Give me a simple, four step or less, formula and I'm set. But this eight step mess about the probability of who-cares-what is way over my head. If I don't graduate in December because of Statistics, I quit school. (Not really, Mom- calm down.)

-Whether I am driving to an unknown place or making my way through a corn maze, I need a map of some sort. I like knowing where I'm going and more importantly, how I am going to get there. None of this, "getting lost is part of the adventure" hoopla.

-My parents have an interesting, but completely beautiful relationship. Mom is currently one handed due to a horrible fall that resulted in wrist surgery. My Daddy has done some not-so-fun things this past week like washing Mom's hair and shaving her arm pits for her. That's love, friends. Roses and poems are nice, but give me a man who'll shave my armpits and I'll be satisfied. (And praise the Lord, I'm fairly certain I already have one.)

-There is nothing more refreshing than finding out that you're not alone- whether it's in a feeling you have or a situation you've faced. Praise the Lord for fellowship and conversations that lead to such discoveries.

-Going a month without seeing my fiance is not fun. However, having his little brother from CHI call me every morning with encouraging words for my day makes it a little more bearable.

I can guarantee there are more, but the coffee shop is about to close.

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