Oct 14, 2010

Everyone needs an Ellie

If I ever have a daughter, I want her to be just like my dear friend, Ellie. She is kind and generous. She makes tea and always offers a cozy place to rest, be it in her embrace or her bed. She rubs your legs and feet as you let out every little thought that plagues your mind. She shuffles through notecards of quotations beside her bed and finds one just for you. She never fails to give at least five compliments per hour. She opens her closet full of cardigans and convinces any borrower that they look better in her clothes than she does. She shows the world what love should look like and reminds them of the hope they have in the Lord.

This week was rotten until last night when I went to Ellie's apartment. I am so blessed to call her my friend.

1 comment:

Jacque said...

You're not even kidding. I agree with every single statement in this post, and most of all the title... EVERYone needs an Ellie.

For the record, I also think you're pretty fantastic, dear girl.