Sep 13, 2010


The addition of homework to my schedule and lack off internet combined have made it nearly impossible to blog on a regular basis.

Sorry. But for the few of you who actually stumble across this site on a regular basis usually know what's going on in my life already, so I don't actually feel too guilty about not posting. (This is a lie I tell myself when I want to blog instead of work on homework.)

The wedding is a little less than 9 months away. There really aren't any updates there quite yet. Still working on that pesky guest list. Is it tacky to hire someone to do it for me? (The answer is yes, I know.)

OH! I did meet with and ask my ring bearer and flower girl to be in the wedding this weekend. They are the cutest kids you will ever meet. Seriously. Absolutely precious. And their parents are just as wonderful.

That's about it for now. Just trying to keep up with homework and club stuff. Hopefully a good post will be coming your way soon.

love love love

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