Sep 1, 2010


I met Angie about three years ago. Nervous and a little uneasy about transferring to a new school, I discovered that she was a friendly face and a hug that I should never pass up. Even before being formally inducted into Delta Gamma Rho, Angie made a point to make me feel welcome, wanted, and loved. She's the kind of person who pours every inch of herself into the people she meets and her faith in the Lord is one of the most beautiful displays of strength.

Yesterday morning, Angie's husband Kenny, was killed in a helicopter crash.

My heart has truly been aching for amazing woman and her three kiddos since the moment I found out.

Can you even begin to imagine the pain?

All I thought about yesterday was being next to Tim. I wanted was to see him, hold his hand, and feel his breath. It's completely selfish, I know.

In an instant Angie's best friend and love was gone. 

I have spent hours over the past month dreaming of my June wedding, making plans, and setting dates. All of that seems frivolous and stupid to me now.

I suppose this is a stream of consciousness type of post. My thoughts are all over the place, but I wanted to share this story with, well, whoever it is that stumbles across this little dot in the universe.

Pray for Angie. Pray for her three young kids.

Lots of things are being done around here as far as making sure their every need is met (food, money, etc.) Right now though, they just need prayers.

I'll leave you with the post Angie left on Kenny's wall today.

"Oh, Kenny. I miss you. You were my rock, my match, my best friend. Your work is done now. And I want you to know this: We will be okay. God will prosper us. I'm not mad at you, I'm thinking you'd probably be worried about that. But it's okay. I'm so, so proud of how you, as you knew you were crashing, pointed that helicopter right down between houses and saved more lives from being lost. You always put other people ahead of yourself. If you could read on here all the things that people are saying, and if you could see the masses who have come to our home, you would know that we will be okay. And I'm going to make you so proud. I am taught me how to be. I will survive, and I will be happy. And I WILL see you again...just hang in there and wait. I'll come. The kids are okay. They won't forget you. They will remember, and they will be well cared for. They will grow up knowing your legacy. You did a great, great job. And there was never a day that I did not feel loved. You are my hero. My rockstar. I love you, honey.

P.S. If you have any sway with God, please let the Aggies have a great season this year.
P.S.S. I cannot promise you that I will not let the kids cheer for Tennessee. I think you have to make some concessions here.
P.S.S.S. I might cut my hair short to spite you. And I know you'd say you like it even if you really don't. And that's okay. You love me."


Meagan and David said...

That wall post. I just started crying in the middle of my class. I will be praying for you and for the family.

Vanessa said...

Cara, I had no idea that you knew them. Kenny and his wife were part of my oldest sister and her husband's "crew" at A&M. He was a groomsmen in their wedding-the one who walked me down the aisle. I'm heartbroken over this too, girl. I'm so sorry that it hits so closely to you. Thank you for sharing what Angie wrote. What a beautiful woman.

Amber said...

Oh, Cara. I looked at her wall after you said you were praying for her... i was in awe at the many, many people who love that woman and her family. Very reminiscent of someone else we know.

And planning a wedding is not futile, sweetie. It's the start of your marriage together, you want it to sort of... set the precedence, right?

Alisa Palmer said...

I can't bear the thought of losing my best friend. What a gift it is to be married. They seemed to embrace it. May I not take a day for granted and may I always treat Matt with respect and love. My heart is breaking for her. Thank you for posting

Shelley said...

Oh, that is so sad and such a special post. I am so sorry for her loss and we will be praying for her and her kids.