Aug 9, 2010

Engagement Story

(deep breath) Here it is, folks!

I was on vacation with Tim and his family in San Antonio. Now, to fully understand the irony of this story, you must know that I am the most impatient person in the world. Tim and I looked at rings back in March and I had been a mess ever since. Every time we were together between then and the proposal, I was on my toes. After what I thought were perfect opportunities to pop the question came and went I started to give up on it happening this summer. By the time our San Antonio trip arrived, I was done hoping. In fact, the day Tim proposed I had made a very pathetic comment to Tim's middle sister about my disappointment. She sweetly reassured me that he would probably do it closer to school starting and that I shouldn't worry about it. That night, I told Tim that I was done talking about a wedding that wasn't even worth planning yet and that I wanted to enjoy dating, leaving the possibly engagement/wedding talk out of it.

Yeah, I'm a jerk.

Convinced that a ring was not in my near future, Tim and I headed to Fogo de Chao along the Riverwalk to celebrate our anniversary and enjoy some "us" time. If you have not eaten there, bless. Save a small fortune and go. It's amazing.

I was in culinary heaven.
Seriously- the best meal I've ever had. 

After dinner, Tim suggested that we take a walk and try to find an island our tour guide had told us about the day before. The island is in the shape of a heart and, apparently, is very popular for weddings. I was excited about seeing it, but was a little hesitant because my knee had been hurting all day. Tim assured me that he had located the island on his iPhone and so we headed down the Riverwalk to find it. Twenty minutes later, no island. We had been all over with no luck. Being the lovely girl that I am, I continuously whined about my knee and insisted that we give up and head back to the hotel. Tim convinced me to walk a little bit further and not long after that, we found the island. The tiny and very crowded island. We admired it briefly from a bench nearby. After a few minutes, I asked if we could leave. Tim agreed, but as soon as I stood up, he pointed out a beautiful bridge and suggested that we go across. 
You might recognize the area from "Miss Congenialty."
One of the stages featured in the movie is right behind the bridge.

When we got to the top, Tim grabbed my hand and started telling me different reasons why he loves me. I thought nothing of it and assumed he was being mushy to make up for making me walk all that way in the Texas heat. However, at the end of his little speech he said, 

"So, um, I lied to you." 
"You lied to me?"
(Thinking, "So you don't love those things about me?!")
"Yeah. Do you remember last week when I told you that I drove straight home from OKC?"
"Well, I didn't go straight home. I drove to Dallas to talk to your Dad."

He went on to tell me that he didn't even have to ask and that my Dad gave him permission to marry me. Before I had a chance to say anything, he was already on his knee with the ring in hand. 

"Will you marry me?"

Simple. Classic. Perfect. I'm pretty sure that I said, "Of course!" instead of yes and hugged/kissed him repeatedly before even looking at the ring.  After I put it on, we found someone to take a picture for us. 

We were both sweaty and my face was a mess from happy tears. 
My phone was about to die, but I was still able to make a few "We're ENGAGED!" calls.

Giddy and without my GPS, we ended up getting lost on the way back to the hotel. What should have taken twenty minutes took about an hour and a half. We didn't care. Tim kept yelling, "We're engaged!!" out the window and I admired my ring while continuing to call friends and family. 

We finally made it back, told his family the story, uploaded some pictures, and then crashed. 

I wouldn't change anything about the entire night. Tim did an amazing job and I cannot wait to marry him. Keep June 11, 2011 open, friends! :) 

PS- the format/text/sizing of this post is not cooperating with me. Sorry :(


Susan said...

I think you and I are the same person sometimes. Must be a birthday thing. Most of that story sounds oddly familiar - except for the whole engagement thing, ya know. I'm so incredibly happy for you!

P.S. Our birthday is coming up soon! : )

Miranda said...

Cara, I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your story. I can tell that you are very happy, and enjoy the planning and all that this special time entails. Love you sweet girl!

Amber said...

I am so excited for you!!!! This is such an exciting time for both of us and I cannot wait until next summer (as I am sure you cannot either)!

-Megan J W- said...

i love it!!!
i am so excited for the both of you because you two deserve each other!


Shelley said...

Makin' memories....

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

*siiiigh* this post just made my day :) Love it. Love your blog. Love you both. YAY FOR WEDDING PLANS!

Emma said...

oh i just love engagement stories, yours is fabulous! congratulations!!

J. J. Mikhale said...

Marking the date in my calendar as we speak.

See you then sis.