Jul 7, 2010

Here comes some mushy stuff...

I love him because...

he knows how I like my coffee and takes every opportunity to fix it for me;
I can't smell Old Spice without immediately thinking of him;
he knows all of my tickle spots and the right times use them against me;
after 10 months together, he still insists on kissing me at every stop sign/light;
he rarely goes a few hours without mentioning that he loves me;
I find myself completely giddy at simply the thought of seeing him;
I feel completely loved and adored- even when he's hundreds of miles away;
his family treats me like one of their own;
my mom constantly comments that she can tell how happy he makes me;
even with his scruffy, hobo beard, I still find him ridiculously attractive;
he knows my family junk/history and still insists that I'm the girl for him;
he loves my dog- even when he's picking up his poop;
he buys me chewy sweetarts randomly because he knows that I love them;
he insists on paying when he knows my account is low;
we share a love of comedy, shocktarts, and LOST;
I could go on for another ten posts about why and how much I love him. 


katyjo30 said...

Would you say he makes you giddy or Giddens?

I am Angela. said...

That is so wonderful Cara! I'm so happy for you, I know someday I'll find someone that makes me feel that way. :)

Shelley said...

Oh, you make me cry, Cara! Love you!