Jul 18, 2010

Blog Crushes and Such

I'm a bad blogger. Plain and simple. The trouble isn't that I lack the desire, I simply lack the content. No offense intended, but some blogs are boring. And to be honest, I'd rather have a decently entertaining, but dated post up for weeks than consistently post about stuff that no one cares about. And since I do not have a wedding to plan, a husband to please, children to tend to, or a job to whine about, I've decided to share some of my blog crushes.

Enjoy. Hopefully, the next few weeks will provide some entertaining posts. Between now and August 7th, I have the following things planned:

1. A drive to Idabel
2. Gidden's family vacation to San Antonio
3. Blakemore Family Reunion
4. A trip to Branson 
5. Bachelorette party for my dear friend, Blythe
6. Blythe's rehearsal dinner
7. Blythe's wedding

And then, my dears, I gear up for my last semester of college. Hallelujah! 

Enjoy blog stalking, friends!


katyjo30 said...

So glad I made the list! You should post more often. i believe there is something that happen every day that you could blog about. You just have to find the humor/meaning in it!

Kelsey Dawn said...

Your last semester! That's exciting.
I better see a good story from the Giddens vacation on here! :)

Amber said...

Aw I feel honored that I made your list :). By the way, AM I EVER GOING TO SEE YOU THIS SUMMER?

Katie said...

aww I'm honored ;)

Katie said...

when you get married I'd love to make your hair flair for you ;)