Jun 24, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering...

In the past two weeks, I have:
watched my brother get married
dyed my hair bright blonde
watched the first 3 seasons of gilmore girls
started watching dexter
gotten a shot in my hiney for a sinus infection
taken awful cough medicine
not had much relief from sinus infection
packed my bags for a ten day+ okc stay
driven to edmond, ok
hopped in a yukon with "unbound"
traveled to tulsa
loved on my kiddos from my former internship
seen "unbound" perform... a lot
celebrated kyle's 21st birthday
driven back to okc
driven to talequah, ok
taken ridiculously cute/funny pictures of tim and other unbound-ers
dyed part of my hair black
settled in at oklahoma christian as a camp counselor
met and loved on a group of 20 kiddos (yeah, group 19!)
seen my favorite past campers
thrown up more than I care to mention
left Zenith to "recover"
been sleeping on a couch  living off of plain bagels and popsicles (bc it's all I can keep down)
realized that health and friendship are two blessings that I should never take for granted

Fingers crossed- I will be healthy soon and able to post regularly. Or at least go a day without vomiting. Those are admirable goals, I'd say.


Kelsey Dawn said...

Awh, feel better!!

(I love Gilmore Girls. And Danny and I recently finished Dexter.. it BLEW MY MIND it's so good!)

Amber said...

At first I was like she was on campus and didn't come see me???? And then I was like ohhhh nevermind poor girl. I hope you feel better!

Miranda said...

Cara, I'm so sorry you've been sick! That's definitely not a fun way to start the summer... Also, I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because it reminded me that I was going to message you the other day. I was reading my old xanga blog, and there was tons about you because it was the summer I was at home and spent a lot of time with the Valley Creek gang. I miss you and we most definitely need to get together. Are you in Mesquite right now?