Jun 11, 2010


I really should consider washing my face before bed regularly. The past few mornings I have woken up looking like a member of KISS. And while the idea of being an over-the-top performer would be a dream come true, I'd prefer to do it without circles under my eyes and a front man whose tongue is longer than any tongue should be.
Speaking of dream professions, Sawyer has decided to become a journalist. Or maybe just a blogger. It seems that every time I sit down to type, he's right there in my lap with his paws on my keyboard. Now I'm sure that you're thinking about how precious that is (and don't get me wrong, it is precious), but attempting to form legible sentences when his lil' paws slide in an occasional "fdslkfj sfisadslfkgjs9324;:'df" is somewhat difficult. He also loves to rest his snout on my track pad. In fact, he's actually opened random ad pages. He seems to favor the slightly awkward male enhancement ones. Do you think he knows I'm having him fixed soon and is subtly trying to protest?
I feel like there are a good number of things that have happened since my last post. 

i.e. David and Meagan got married!
Their wedding was PERFECT...
Kristi's boo was a groomsman/dj, so I technically had two dates.
Date #1
Date #2
Please look out how determined Laura (center, gold dress) is. 
She wanted that bouquet. For fear of our limbs, we let her have it. 
Yay for marriage!

One thing I have always been thankful for? Musically talented friends. The night after Meagan and David's wedding, about thirty folks gathered for a "House Warming" concert. It was definitely warm, but the music and company made it well worth it. 

My trip ended a bit earlier than I had intended due to an obscure relative's death. That last sentence seems insensitive, considering the "relative" was technically my great-grandfather, but I had never met the man and up until about two years ago, I was completely unaware of his existence. 

And, because it is, in fact, Friday: 

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series<
1. Gilmore Girls
How I managed to go this long without watching this show is beyond me. I love it. Thanks to Kristi's roomate, I have every season available for my viewing and plan on taking full advantage of it. I'm on season 2.  (it's only been four days :/)

2.  This picture:
Glasses glare and all- I love everything about this. 
Can you tell I'm completely smitten?

3. The Allen House
The past few afternoons have been spent curled up on my dear friend Sarah's couch watching TV. With our toes snuggled up under quilts, we talk about everything and anything, nap occasionally, and  simply enjoy doing nothing together. The combination of that couch, amazing pillows, and trashy shows is sheer perfection. 

Well, my precious 18 subscribers and the few mysterious blog lurkers, it's time for Sawyer's first Vet appointment. I have no apologies for the ridiculously long post. I can almost guarantee another one sometime soon detailing my old roomate's bachelorette party and wedding this weekend. 

Peace and love until then. 


Bailey Thomas said...

I'm so glad I got to see you this weekend! I scratched my eye sometime late Sunday night, so...I was pretty MIA the rest of the week, so that's why I didn't text you. I felt super bad.

Anyway, I LOVE Sawyer!!!! Please keep posting about him because I think he's just the greatest. Good luck at the vet!

Meagan and David said...

I'm just now catching up on everyone's blog and I love your post. You are so precious.