Jun 27, 2010

Encouraged by (in)courage

Ladies, do you know about the (in)courage blog? 
If not, stop what you're doing and explore this site!

The blog features different bloggers who write on subjects of faith pertaining to women. They are insightful, raw, honest, and beautiful. I promise you will be encouraged by (in)courage. 

Click Here to read one of my favorite posts. 

Just had to share,

ps- I don't know what is up with the spacing on this post. :/


Kelsey Dawn said...

What an amazing blog! Thank you for posting that!

So good..

Rach said...

Just came across your blog through Send Love to Cohen! It's so great to hear a young woman that has a desire for the Lord like you do! Loving the (in)courage blog SO MUCH! Can't wait to keep reading :)