Jun 2, 2010

Choose Joy

When I was in high school, I started a "Things That Make Me Smile" list. It was scribed in a tiny, turquoise journal and believe it or not, I got to over 1000 things. 

It's kind of funny. I always assumed that by the end of my college career, I'd (obviously) be older and wiser. However, I think in times like these, when unemployment and uncertainty so easily bring me down, I could take a lesson or two from my high school self and take some time to simply remember the little blessings in life.

Here are the little gifts that have me smiling this morning:

*Having the dog I rescued two summers ago at my feet and my newest love, Sawyer on my chest- both asleep.

*The leftover coffee my parents shared with me at 6am when I had to let the pups out. 

*"Saved By The Bell" reruns on TBS. (Someone please remind me why in the world I was in love with Zach Morris? That hair is ridiculous!)

*A warm bed in an air conditioned house. 

*The ability to afford the three different medications I'm on right now that are fighting my ridiculous sinus infection/cough from you know where. 

*Thinking about Meagan and David's wedding this weekend. 

*Waking up to a sweet voicemail from my love, who doesn't hold it against me when I say, "Yeah- call me when you're done. I'll be awake." and then fall asleep three minutes later. 

*Having this wallpaper from the (in)courage site that not only helps me remember what day it is, but also reminds me of my purpose each day.  

*Being able to talk to my parents several times a day and having my mom at arms reach to scratch my head when I get stressed. 

*Phone chats with my hilarious and talented friend, Kim, in Houston. 

*Frequent lunch dates, room organizing, guitar playing, and conversations with Miss Sarah Ann.

*The constant reminder that I am surrounded (physically and figuratively) by amazing people who love me. 

I could go on and on, but the point is that there are way too many things to be thankful for this morning. Each day I have a choice- joy or fear. 

Today, I choose joy. 

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