May 30, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

The past two days have been a whirlwind. Yesterday morning, I got a call from a family in OKC interested in meeting with me about a nanny position. I was thrilled. Within five minutes of the phone call, my resume was emailed and my plans were made. I decided to head to OKC on Friday night, spend some much needed time with Tim, and then interview on Saturday.  My whole outlook on this summer had changed in a just a few minutes. Before the call on Thursday, I had been consistently praying for God to help me see His will and to follow it- even if that meant being home for the summer. But then I got the call and like a complete yuppy, assumed this was God's answer. 

I was wrong. 

To make a long story short, I got a second phone call on Saturday morning from the family I was supposed to interview with. They called while I was still asleep, so I woke up to a voicemail informing me that they had decided to "go in a different direction regarding childcare" and that they would no longer be meeting with me. 

So, there's that. I have to keep telling myself that God's timing is HIS timing and that I need to be patient, but this string of disappointment makes patience seem unattainable. 

Also- today marks 7 years since my best friend, Rachel, was killed.  If you get a chance, say a little prayer for her family and friends that are still dealing with the pain that accompanies that type of loss. One day I hope to blog about the amazing person she was. My life was changed for the better having known her. 

Sorry for such a whiny/depressing post. Just had to get that all off my chest. 

Disappointed, but confident that rain brings new life, 


Susie said...

Please google amino acids, depression, and anxiety. Also Dr. Daniel Amen, "Change Your Brain Change Your Life".....HUGE!!
Big natural therapy that corrects the problem not masks it :0) God Bless!

Mountain Mama said...

Aw Cara, so sorry this one didn't work out. Hey, maybe you should come visit us for a day or two sometime this summer! And if you'd watch my kiddos for a few hours one day, I'd pay ya! *wink wink*

Hang in there! And your hopeful outlook amidst the dissappointment...that's great right there.

Susie said...

I just "happened" onto this awesome Christian site, which I WISH I had gone on before I was mutilated on another. It was the Military Wives Unleashed, anyhow, long story, but I needed major stitches and a whole lot of love from my family after that. I still tear up.
Give your MOM & DAD a hug for now and if you can truly take the time to reminiscense a bit. Get out the photo albums and family movies, some popcorn, and just enjoy "now". I'm advising everything that I should have done and sometimes did take the time to do and still need to do :) My whole life I've been so much in a hurry that I need to SIT. I LOVE my Mom & Dad and they have been there when absolutely no one else was, except God:)
email me at We are a very busy family with some very "on the verge" successful products, always a day late and a dollar short, forever dreaming of organization :)
Smile and give yourself a hug:)What kind of puppy is your puppy?