May 24, 2010

Puppy, intersession, and OKC

The sweat is still on my forehead from sitting outside with a difficult puppy, begging him to poop. This could just be me, but I never fantasized about waiting in the Texas heat for 20 minutes with a reluctant 8 pound poop machine (who, unfortunately, seems to "perform"better indoors.)

Don't get me wrong, Sawyer really is a precious puppy. But that in itself is where the trouble lies. He's a puppy. The dog equivalent of a toddler. Seriously. I can't leave anything relatively small or hazardous around and I'm wanting to pull my hair out with this whole "potty training" business. Bless. It's not calculus. 

Grass + puppy + release of bladder/bowels = a happy, first time (puppy) mom. I reward with an embarrassing display of "good boys" and even a treat. What am I doing wrong? 

In fact, with all of the accidents inside the house,  I have found myself claiming that a puppy is much more tedious to care for than a baby. Babies poop into something. There's no "where's the smell coming from" mystery. Sure, it may leak a little. But I would much rather bathe a baby than spend a ridiculous amount of time searching not for a treasure, but for a pile of stinky puppy poop. Yes- babies are much easier. And while I'm convinced of this theory for now, Lord help me if I end up with one of those babies that scare women back to their pre-marital abstinence. 

On a happier note, Sawyer is sleeping mostly through the night. (about 11pm-7am) I suppose he picked up those hours while I was in intersession. 

Oh, yeah- intersession. It's barely been a week since my final and already it feels like months ago. The class was interesting, but difficult due to the quick pace of it all. Learning the ins and outs of Earth Science in two weeks is quite a feat. I did it, though, and am one step closer to my diploma. 

Speaking of my diploma, I got the much anticipated "You are cleared to graduate on December 18, 2010 from Harding University" email from the registrar this morning. I squealed like a Jonas Brother when I read it. Mom and Dad's anniversary is the 19th, so I'm unashamedly considering my graduation their present. Judge. 

I'll end with some (bad )news, because even though it depresses me right now, I know God is weaving something together that will make me slap myself for doubting His plan. 

The house I was going to live in this summer fell through. A contract mishap with the current inhabitants delayed their move and subsequently left me without a home.  

After three failed living arrangements and no luck finding a job in Oklahoma City, my parents gently suggested that maybe God was trying to tell me something. I knew what they meant by something. It's the thing they've been wanting since I left for college four years ago- a summer with me at home. For the last three summers, I have been happily occupied (distracted) interning with two different churches and becoming a pseudo adult. But now I'm here. Almost 22. Unemployed. Sharing one bathroom with my parents. 

So much changes from 18 to 21. There is no doubt in my mind that the girl that left Mesquite for Edmond, Oklahoma four years ago is now a very different young woman. And while this is far from a negative thing, it is cause for conflict when living at home for a significant period of time. 

I know I should be thankful. There is a roof over my head and I have food to eat. But I won't lie. I am more than disappointed about the change in plans. 

I'll say it again, though- I know God is weaving something together that will make me slap myself for doubting His plan. 

Ironically enough, I posted this quote as my Facebook status last week, before all this mess happened-

God's providence will not take me where His grace will not sustain me. 

Practice what you preach, Cara. Practice what you preach. 

Here's a little something to make you smile: 
Me, Sawyer, and my amazing nephew, JT. 

Have a good week,


Mountain Mama said...

Are you crate training that pup, sweet Cara? He'll do the right thing for you when you do works!

Blessings on you as you accept where you are and learn patience in a new way! God will sustain and fill the empty places that long for something else.

Peace- Tami

Shelley said...

Sorry you are having so much trouble with Sawyer. This too shall pass...! Now you know why I always get a dog that is already house trained. I cannot take the pressure and I get way to angry about the "oopsies!" You are doing fine, though.

Remember we are not too far away if you want to come up and spend a weekend or week with us and swim everyday!!! At little different then being at home. And NO, Tim does not have to be here, too! LOL Love ya!