May 4, 2010


The past few weeks have literally FLOWN by. (Sidenote- after watching HIMYM the other day I started to question my use of the word "literally." While the weeks did not sprout wings and FLY away, "literally" just rolls of the tongue...fingers?...easier than "figuratively").

And what better way to catch all ten (whew) of my readers up than by posting a sequence of pictures with (attempted) witty captions?

Spring Sing:

All of the Ensemble girls in our "Two Worlds" digs.

Some of the girls in our "Brother's and Sister's" outfits (my favorite!)
Also- let's talk about how long my hair is getting! (SMILE)

Post-show pic with the boyfriend. 
He was great at taking care of me during the whole jaw injury mess.
Love is- making your swollen and bruised girlfriend feel beautiful 
regardless of the large amount of pain medicine in her system. 

I couldn't have asked for a better group to share my last year in Ensemble with.
Peace, love, & "deer" pose!

I do not have enough words to tell of the lessons I have learned from this amazing woman. Dottie Frye will always be a hero in my book. 

Chi Banquet:

Oh, the kilt. 
There are so many things I could say about this, but I will refrain. 
I will mention, however, that I thoroughly enjoyed how squeamish Tim was while driving in a skirt. 

Table pic. I'm pretty sure this was during one of the speeches.

And, of course, we had to have a silly picture!

So often, I find myself questioning the sincerity of phrases like, 
"Oh, I've missed you!" 
"Come back to OC!"
However, this lady has always been genuine and sweet to me.
And aside from a bible class, Amber and I were never that close at OC.
But she is one of the sweetest and kind hearted women I know. 
When she tells me that she wishes I was still at OC, I know she means it. 
(Say a little prayer right now for Amber and her family. 
Her mom is dealing with lung cancer and could use some prayer!)

The next pics are of the newest man in my life, Sawyer. He is a 13 week old Jack Russell Terrier who has stolen my heart.

Sweet Sawyer

Last, but not least, DGR Formal:

Our formal was at the Children's Discovery Museum in Downtown Little Rock
This meant lots of fun pictures!

This face cracks me up. Tim was testing his flexibility.

Just being silly during dinner. 

Our table.

I wanted to take a funny picture with my glass. 
Little did I know that Drew was creepin' in the background. :)

Tim wanted a "fancy" picture with his glass, too.

I love him so stinkin' much. Plus, we make a pretty cute couple!

Just checkin for "bats in the cave." 

Miss Neely Ann

My good friend and formal date 09', Nate. 

DGR Seniors and Beaux

Tim is smiling because he just ripped his pants. 
Seriously. He did. It was hilarious.

Maybe I do have Native American heritage?

He's a goof. I love it. 

Before you judge too harshly- the sign on the wall said "Hore Colony."
I was just... well... who cares, it's funny. 

I guess Tim is a fan of the "Hore Colony."

Attractive, right? :) 

I was a tinsy bit too short to fit perfectly. 

Tim was pretty excited about the Wheel of Fate. 

Pretty sure it landed on something like "death by pirates." :/

Keepin' warm by the "fire."

Rollin' on the river, duh. 

Catching some fish for dinner. 

Sawing some wood. 
Also- note the un-tucked shirt. He was hiding the rip. :)

giant, wooden spoon.

Showing the bear some love.
This was the last picture we got before the camera died.

That's April in a nutshell. I'm in the middle of finals week right now. They're going really well, so far.  My Earth Science intercession class starts on Monday. Two weeks of 8-12 and then I'm done. Hopefully, I'll be able to blog more regularly. No guarantees, though. 



Amber said...

I cannot wait for you to be in Edmond this summer! Thank you for the prayers for my family! And also, I know I had your phone number about four phones ago, but I need you to send it to me so I can contact you and we can hang out. Ha. When are you getting here?

Kelsey Dawn said...

Baha! Love the squeamish kilt pictures.

Kelsey Dawn said...

PS- thank you for your sweet comment. I'm going to be making some new pillows soon :)