Apr 12, 2010

Overwhelmed- Stream of Consciousness

Regardless of how large or small the print is, whenever I look up at the screen in my Human Sexuality class my eye always catches the awkward words. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones you have come up with nicknames for since your potty training days.

Yes- I am almost 22.
Yes- I will soon be a college graduate.
No- I am not mature enough to contain a smile or small giggle upon reading said words.

Judge accordingly.

Also, I am blogging during class. (Sorry, Mom- but it's Monday and my brain is a 1000 different places and I need to get some of it out before I attempt to be productive.)

This weekend was nice. I can't decide if I love or hate the fact that it gets harder to leave Tim every time I visit. Seriously. If it wasn't for the mess it would cause, I would seriously suggest going to the courthouse, getting married, and finishing my degree at OC. But I know all of this waiting and distance will be worth it. Reasons:

-My parents won't kill me for transferring again
-I'll finish my degree with familiar professors and friends
-Tim and I will continue to strengthen our communication skills. (Seriously- when you're 400 miles away, that's all you can do)
-I can stop pretending to be responsible (namely, with finances) and finally buckle down.

On a random note- I think I've become immune to the effects of coffee. Which is a scary thought. That warm tumbler of black coffee with a hint of creamer is what I rely on to get me through my seemingly endless days. And while I don't hate a good orange juice and Red Bull cocktail, drinking one every morning is far from healthy (and quite expensive.)

Speaking of health, I've lost four pounds.
(At least, according to my grandparent's scale, I've lost four pounds)
I'm rejoicing anyways. With the exclusion of this weekend and one night last week, I have been pretty consistent and disciplined with the whole Nutrisystem thing.

(Disclaimer- No, I did not waste my money on a program that I don't necessarily need. My dad was on it, had a TON of extra food, I didn't hate the idea of losing a few pounds, and would prefer not to buy groceries if I can. Solution? Dad's Nutrisystem leftovers.)

We're discussing contraceptives in class right now. Interesting, for sure. I had no idea that there were methods for men. Something about battery powered capsules? Awwwwwwkward. I'm all for the man taking responsibility, especially since us women folk have to carry the evidence if there is a little "whoops," but that sounds horrible. Just give me some pills, thanks.

There are three weeks of class left. Between now and then, I have the following to complete:
-a group project for Human Diversity (which I'm afraid will be mostly my work because my group is apparently unable to communicate)
-a senior seminar project over sexual harassment (I really want to use a clip from The Office. Inappropriate?)
-a ridiculously large paper for Nutrition
-a detailed description of 20 medical conditions for my Administration class (seems out of place, huh?)
-a make-up paper for Diversity. (Yeah, I'm behind :/)
-a bible paper
-a presentation of puberty for Human Sexuality
-a student led workshop

Whew. I think I might need more medication.

Allow me to vent for a minute-

Ladies of HU,
Warmer weather does not change the dress code or justify exposing your perfect legs. WE get it. You're hot. And God gave you long legs. Congratulations. But for the sake of male students (and professors) and the self-esteem of your short-legged sisters, stop with the shorter than short shorts and dresses. Seriously. Cut it out. You can distract people with your stems after May 7th.

I would apologize for the random splatter of information and thoughts, but it wouldn't be sincere.

Here's a nice picture to make up for this sad excuse of a post:

Isn't he just wonderful? I miss his sweet smile and random questions already.

overwhelmed, but still smiling,

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-Megan J W- said...

haha. oh cara...i miss you and love you so much

that was the most random, yet entertaining blog i have read in a really long time!

also, you can get through this week!!