Apr 4, 2010

March (Spring Break, etc)

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I am not the best blogger in the world. My thoughts are about as scattered as my posts and I'm much better at reading about other peoples' lives than writing about my own. Since I finally got the pictures from Tim that are from the last month of so, I thought I'd catch everyone up with some rockin' photos.

Long distance stinks. I often find myself reaching over to hold Tim's hand for at least a few days after I leave OKC. Moments like this one are at the top of my "best feelings ever" list.

I started Spring Break with some Spring cleaning...errrr cutting. Tim's hair had gotten a little wild and I lovingly offered (begged) to cut it.

I'm a little clumsy with the shears.

Another highlight of Spring Break was a wonderful, lunch date to Taco Bueno with this lovely lady. She is my other half.

Because we're cheap, college kids, Tim and I spent a lot of time at my Grandparent's house. One night, after failing miserably playing catch, we had a random photo shoot.

Obviously, Tim is better at cartwheels than me.

Tim and I usually have "Lost dates" on Tuesday nights that consist of us watching it individually and discussing it on Ichat during. Spring Break meant that we actually got to watch it together. :)

And of course, we had another photoshoot during the commcercial breaks.

The week I was there was WPA (Women Pay All) week at OC. Basically, the Student Government Association puts on a week of cheap dates for girls to take their man friends on. One of the events was ice skating. For some reason, these were the only two pictures that uploaded from that night:

On Wednesday of Spring Break, we headed to Wichita to see my kiddos from this past summer.

After hanging out with the Westlink kids, Tim and I headed downtown to meet up with my favorite married couple, Grant and Vanessa. We got there early, so of course, we took vain pictures of ourselves. :P

Not quite sure why I don't have any pictures from the end of the week. My best guess would be that we were too busy enjoying being together to take pictures. I'll update soon about Spring Sing and an unfortunate jaw injury that accompanied the children's matinee.

love love love,

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Shelley said...

What do you mean you are not good at blogging? LOVE reading your blog and I really enjoyed this one!