Dec 7, 2009

My only sunshine...

After a rip-roaring kareoke/cookie/cocoa choir party this afternoon I was feeling as if this Monday couldn't get any better. I had woken up early, made a fresh pot of coffee, caught an episode of Private Practice, managed to look decently cute, got to chapel ON TIME, got to see Haley Jane, impressed my Educare teacher, called Tim to say hello and saw LINZI LAWSON on my way to choir, and then enjoyed 45 minutes of good company mixed with classic kareoke hits. (Favorites from today: "My Girl" and "It's not Unusual")

Couldn't get any better, right?


As I walking down the stairs, precious wool coat and mustard yellow purse in tow*, I heard an older man walking behind me. To himself, but with the pep of a much younger gent, he was singing "You Are My Sunshine." My steps slowed because of the joy that filled my entire body. A seemingly insignificant passing of a stranger in the Reynolds made my already wonderful day that much better.

*Something about those two accessories boost my confidence in a way I can't describe

This weekend provided much needed rest and company. Friday was Sally's birthday. A big group of us headed to Little Rock for dinner at The Flying Fish. Great food, great people. I loved the atmosphere.

See! Flying Fish!

Kim came over afterwards and we knocked out a good chunk of "How I Met Your Mother" season 4. If you have never seen this show, you are missing out. Props to Nick and Jenny for getting me hooked on it.

Saturday afternoon, after sleeping in (praise!), Neely suggested sushi for lunch. I don't know how familiar you might be with my habits, but I am physically unable to say "no" to sushi. After throwing on some clothes, I rode with Neely to the wonderful Sushi Cafe. (Props to Searcy for feeding my addiction through cheap sushi)

Isn't the wasabi leaf precious?

Kim came over again Saturday night and we finished the 2nd disc of "HIMYM," Season 4. We made cocoa and ate sugar cookies. It was a great end to the evening.

Sunday afternoon was the BOX "Amazing Race" function. This was, by far, the most enjoyable function I have ever been to. We were on teams of 8 couples and spent the entire afternoon racing around Searcy doing everything from chugging blended pizza and orange juice to rock climbing. Long story short, my team won! Each "couple" got a $15 gift card to MacAlesters. Yeah! I'm all about free food!

This was when we were at the Rock Gym. Alex and I got out of climbing. :) I was kind of sad.

On another note, Sunday marked the first day of my "eat better" effort. No more fried foods or soda. Surprisingly, Tim agreed to give up soda, too. That'll definitely help! Anyone want to start going to the gym with me?

This week is "dead" week. For most students, however, it is more like "death week." My thoughts are with you, fellow students. For those who are lucky enough to miss out on the joys of last minute projects, assignments, and tests- pray for the rest of us. :)

feeling good,
Cara Linn

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Shelley said...

MY son said he would give up soda?? You have more influence over him then you think! :P