Dec 1, 2009

The devil is a cheeseburger...

Today was a pretty fantastic day. My kiddos at the preschool make getting up super early worth it. Precious Kennedi ran to give me a hug this morning. It warms my heart when her mom tells me about Kennedi's "Miss Cara" stories and how I'm her favorite. I suppose some of our little ones were sick today. We had a relatively small class, which made it much easier to manage. I started construction on our Christmas tree for the wall. However, it is quite the work in progress- I'll save pictures for when it looks better.

I will share this lil' gem however. While reading to one of my little girls this morning, I found this picture...

So much for teaching modesty, I suppose. And this was part of the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" book. =/

Another highlight of my work day?

Getting to love on precious Casey for a little bit. :) Watching his sweet mama put him to sleep made my heart swell his morning. It also made me excited about being a mama one day. (Not for a LONG time, mind you) Jessie is seriously an amazing mom and I hope that I'm half as cool as she is when my time comes.

As usual, I took my Tuesday afternoon nap when I got home from work.

Spring Sing Ensemble callbacks were tonight. SO MUCH FUN. I'm sore from last night, but after tonight I might just keel over. I loved every minute of it. Something about being on stage fuels me. I thrive on it. Fingers crossed for a third year in ensemble! There were some super talented folks up there tonight, though. We'll see.

Unfortunately, I sacrificed yet ANOTHER pair of tights to the Benson stage. That puts the count up to three.

Molly and I were exhausted after callbacks, but after I remembered that I hadn't eaten dinner we decided to make a Sonic run.

1. I need to stop forgetting to eat dinner.
2. Temptation, for me, comes in the form of a supersonic cheeseburger with jalepenos.
3. I guess I'll be working out tomorrow. =/

One last thing- I love Christmas lights. Seriously. I squeal like a little girl when I see them.

This picture is awful bc it's from my phone. However, the lights on campus are fantastic. :)

here's to Christmas lights and cheeseburgers,
Cara Linn

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