Nov 30, 2009

End of November...

Christmas time makes me happy. Coming home to a decorated Christmas tree and a fireplace donned with eleven personalized stockings last night was the best start of the Christmas season. If Christmas break ends up half as good as Thanksgiving break, I will be a very happy girl.

The first weekend of Thanksgiving break included a trip to OKC, catching the end of my bff's concert at Starbucks, quality time with Tim, enjoying lunch with Unbound (+ Will), road tripping to Tulsa with said bff, watching Megan Reese become Megan Stephens, loving on the Conklin family, going to church with my grandparents, accompanying them to the middle of nowhere Oklahoma to see a tabernacle recreation, and seeing my Dad. Much to my delight and surprise, my dad brought a little something with him...


The next few days were spent having fun with him and my amazing boyfriend.

On Wednesday, Tim and I headed to Dallas to meet up with is family. It was an amazing drive. Even being stuck in traffic was enjoyable. The weather was perfect, so we rolled down the windows and Tim played guitar. So fun! I really love being with him. We have such a great time together. For example:

We bought a disposable camera and took random pictures throughout the week. I'm excited to get them developed.

After eating lunch with the Giddens crew, I headed to Mesquite to sleep before heading to Waco the next morning. It was wonderful seeing my mom's side of the family. (especially my precious cousins, Hayven and Addison) They're beautiful.

That's Addison. She is two and absolutely precious.

Thursday night I drove to Brownwood to be with Tim's family. Such a fun group of people. They were super welcoming and I felt right at home with them. Plus- there were babies and puppies there. I was a very happy girl. I spent Thursday and Friday night there with the Giddens and then Tim and I headed to Dallas on Saturday morning. We met up with my parents, brother, and nephew. This was Tim's first time to meet my mom and brother. I think it went well. :) Mom and Dad really seem to love him. After an amazing lunch at Le Madeline, we headed back to OKC.

Tim had listened to the audio book for "The Road" and was super excited about the movie, so we decided to see it Saturday night once we got back to OKC. It was a good movie, but very depressing. I would recommend it, but prepare yourself. You will leave feeling dead inside.

Sunday morning we went to church with my grandparents again, enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Johnny Carino's, and then headed to the emergency clinic. =/ Poor Tim had an awful boil on his side that wasn't getting better, so after some convincing, he agreed to get it checked out. After getting some antibiotics, we went back to my grandparents to nap before I had to go back to Searcy.

That's basically break in a nutshell.

Oh, I guess I should share this minor detail...

He loves me. :) And I love him. As he put it, he "dropped the 'L' word" this past week. I couldn't be happier. He's such a wonderful addition to my life and I'm so excited to see where God takes this relationship.

peace, love, and elephants,
Cara Linn

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